Team-Building with Joy is a unique opportunity to strengthen communication and mutual support within an organization. Because it utilizes singing as its principal modality, it creates an atmosphere that, for most people other than professional singers, does not encourage competition or comparison between participants. Participants can fully support others in their growth and enjoy each others’ accomplishments. Participants will:

  • Conquer beliefs that limit them.
  • Learn improvisational skills that can be taken into the workplace.
  • Help each other find a new freedom in self-expression.
  • Learn to create harmony together, listening to each other and blending with the group.
  • Develop listening skills by giving each other delighted attention.
  • Discover, by facing a challenge that is outside their every-day experience and not directly related to their work environment, that “We can do what I cannot do.”
  • Experience the power of being vulnerable in a safe environment.
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