“I love how Tony sees my power and helps me stand in that power.”

—Robin McCorquodale, published fiction writer

“Your program has helped me turn a corner! It’s time to sing!”

—Joe Jaworski, Mayor, Galveston, Texas

“I want you to know how meaningful I found the Joyful Singing 101 workshop last weekend. It was so moving to see the dramatic changes in the participants. I think there is something special about singing the affirmations and having them sung to you—they have really stuck with me this week, and not just with respect to singing. Bravo to you for doing this!”

—Martha Williams, attorney

“I participated in Tony Pryor’s Joyful Singing 101 workshop in April 2008. For the first time, I was able to face my fear of singing solo in front of a group. The workshop provided a positive, supportive, and safe environment. I also learned techniques to improve pitch and overcome breaks in my voice.”

—Christina Herren, life student

“Even though it was a challenge for me since I had never sung in front of others, I always felt fully supported. We all received something unique and special from each coaching session. I felt gently pushed to do my best.”

—Rich Walker, software engineer

“Was so pleased with the workshop this weekend. I learned so much!”


“I really got a lot out of this workshop as well. Very useful and positive experience.”


“This was a great experience. I am forever transformed by attending this workshop. Tony and Sofia are wonderful coaches who know how to get your true voice out of you. Thanks, you two.”


“To put it simply, I would say Joyful Singing has helped me to stand in front of a group of people in the full power of my voice. It truly has changed my life for the better, helping to open the flow of creative energy. I recommend it to anyone wanting to find the power of their own voice.”

—David Beckemeier

“The two best things for me in [Joyful Singing] have been just the sheer joy of singing and overcoming my fear of performing solos before an audience. Tony is truly masterful at creating a safe environment of acceptance, support, and creativity of expression. The result is a community of ‘joyful singers.’”

—Sul Ross

Having been involved with Living Your Voice for two years, I can not say enough about how much it has enhanced my life. Tony’s loving spirit, great sense of humor, and excellent musicianship combine to create an atmosphere of acceptance that is unequaled. Under his direction and the wonderful support of my class, I can not believe today I am able to master a song that has particular meaning to me and share it with an audience. I often think, “Wow, if I can do this, I can do anything!” My involvement with Living Your Voice has brought me new challenges, courage, self-confidence, and so much FUN! Count me in as a lifetime member of the Joyful Singers.

—Hope Nordmeyer